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Frequently Asked Questions

The attorney’s fees are based on a contingency arrangement. In personal injury cases, other than medical malpractice, the attorney’s fee is one-third of the amount recovered. When you sign the retainer, you can choose to have no financial responsibility for costs or disbursements incurred. Medical malpractice cases have a sliding scale contingency fee plan.
We do an extensive interview with you. We then obtain all medical records and have our experts and investigators provide information and opinions to make an educated decision on the viability of your case. This can be done at no expense to you, the client.
The value of each case varies depending on the negligence of the other party and the extent of your physical and economic injuries. We obtain the maximum value on each case by fully investigating and preparing the case and using experts to support our claims.

A medical expert review is one of our medical professionals doing an in-depth review of your medical records including diagnostic studies, MRIs CT scans. The purpose of this review, before the case is commenced, is necessary to determine if a medical professional deviated from good and accepted practice. Once the determination is made that the medical professional committed malpractice and that the malpractice was the proximate cause of the injury, the case will be commenced in the Court.

The cost of the medical review will be paid for by the firm, and you can choose not to have any financial responsibility for costs incurred if your case does not reach a settlement or verdict in your favor. .