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Scaffolding accidents in New York occur almost every year and usually involve construction workers and can result in serious or permanent injury or death. Hackett Law P.C. has represented construction workers that have been injured or their loved ones if a death has occurred. Scaffold accidents are frequently due to negligent construction or maintenance of a scaffold or the failure of the construction company to provide employees with adequate protection from the hazards of working at various heights.

The failure to supply the appropriate safety equipment may cause catastrophic injuries or even wrongful death. The personal injury attorneys at Hackett Law P.C. are determined to investigate any scaffold accidents in New York and pursue the necessary litigation.

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Reasons for scaffolding accidents in New York


  • Scaffold Construction Negligence:
    Falls often occur due to negligent scaffold construction. The owners, general contractors and employers are obligated to ensure that workers on scaffolds are safe and falls are prevented.
  • Safety Precaution Negligence: A majority of scaffolding accidents are caused either by the planking or support collapsing or a worker falling from a scaffold due to either a lack of guards, a lack of safety lines or netting. During our investigations, we will determine how the accident happened.
  • Labor Law Section 240: The New York State Legislature passed laws to protect construction workers exposed to elevation level risks to minimize the dangers involved in construction and scaffolding work. These laws put the responsibility for scaffold safety on owners, contractors and employers.

Properly made scaffolds are safe for workers by constructing them according to the manufacturers’ specifications, that is ensuring guardrails are securely fastened on all sides and ends; providing safety and life lines, or other systems to ensure workers are protected from injury; and using safety nets. When failing to meet these safety requirements, owners and contractors should be held accountable for any injuries or wrongful death caused by their negligence.

Construction accident lawyers and experts

The construction accident attorneys at Hackett Law P.C., as well as, our construction experts are aware of the rules and regulations to be followed at construction and demolition sites. They strive to ensure that the rights of all injured workers are protected under the law. The personal injury lawyers at Hackett Law, P.C. have been successful in proving that owners and contractors were liable where workers fell from scaffolds due to not being provided the proper safety equipment, or were injured by falling objects.

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Contact a qualified attorney as quickly as possible after a scaffolding accident so that they may begin investigating the accident. An early investigation allows for a prompt safety violations report to OSHA, which are instrumental in evidence preservation, in addition to protecting the rights of an injured worker.

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