Ladder Accident Attorney New York

At construction sites, ladder accidents are among the most common workplace injury causes and with the various types of ladders and the heights that are used at work sites, ensuring that the equipment functions correctly and the proper ladder type is used for the specific type of job is of the utmost importance.

When a worker using a ladder where working at heights above ground level is exposed to danger which can result in a significant injury or death. Falls from even the smallest of ladder heights could end up leaving victims suffering from serious injuries. Specific laws and rules have been created in New York to protect construction workers who are required to perform their duties at various heights.

A Fall from Any Height May Cause Injury

A ladder accident may be responsible for some very common injuries to the foot, ankle, knee, back and head, etc. Any of these injuries will make it very difficult for the injured worker to get back to work. The Hackett Law ladder accident attorneys will investigate the accident beginning with the cause of the accident. We will examine whether the proper safety equipment was provided and identify if the product was defective. Our investigation will look for any reporting discrepancies, from the employer or a third party, regarding the accident.

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Learn the Rules and your Rights from Hackett Law

Ladder accidents in New York are protected under the New York State Labor Laws and Federal rules have also been enacted to assist construction workers and employers on the safest method of using properly accepted ladders when performing construction.

The attorneys at Hackett Law P.C. are familiar with ladder accident cases and familiar with the both NYS and Federal laws to help insure that our clients receive the maximum recovery possible for their injuries.