New York Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

A misdiagnosis of cancer may result in the patient not receiving the correct medical treatment in a timely manner. A misdiagnosis of cancer usually occurs when a physician or doctor fails to provide the proper attention to the patient or take the time to listen to their symptoms and complaints. Not ordering the correct diagnostic tests or referring the patient to a qualified oncologist may delay the cancer diagnosis months or even years.

This type of malpractice can allow the cancer to progress and metastasize causing severe injuries.

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Cancer Diagnosis and Early Detection

Most medical treatment is done by general practitioners or emergency room physicians and these professionals treat a variety of conditions. However, it is extremely important that the correct referral is provided to a specialist when they encounter a complex condition. Early detection and diagnosis of cancer can seriously affect the long-term impact and quality of life. A doctor that is negligent and either fails to detect or misdiagnoses the signs and symptoms of cancer can cause a life threatening disaster.
Prompt diagnosis and early treatment can have a significant impact towards cancer survival, given the progressive nature of most cancers. Misdiagnosing or a delayed diagnosis can usually delay cancer treatments several months after the symptoms have presented themselves to the physician, which can significantly impact successful cancer treatments.

Long Island Medical Malpractice Attorneys

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