New York Brain Tumor Misdiagnosis Attorney

Brain tumor signs and symptoms can vary dependent upon the type of brain tumor and where it is located in the brain. Headaches, inability to read, write or understand numbers or even a seizure may be some of the symptoms. Learn More


New York Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

Successfully fighting breast cancer requires early diagnosis, many patients should have been diagnosed sooner a doctor’s failure to diagnose breast cancer timely can result in the cancer cells traveling to lymph nodes affecting a patient’s chance or survival. Misdiagnosis of breast cancer can cause a patient’s condition to change from Stage 1cancer that is treatable and has an excellent chance of survival to a Stage 4 cancer that significantly affects the treatment. Learn More


New York Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

A misdiagnosis of cancer may result in the patient not receiving the correct medical treatment timely. A misdiagnosis of cancer usually occurs when a physician or doctor fails to provide the proper attention to the patient or take the time to listen to their symptoms and complaints. Not ordering the correct diagnostic tests or referring the patient to a qualified oncologist may delay the cancer diagnosis months or even years. Learn More


New York Construction Accident Attorney

New York has numerous construction projects going on and construction accidents are common to both workers and innocent bystanders. Hackett Law P.C. has represented construction workers, employees and innocent bystanders for years and has recovered significant awards for the injured parties. Learn More


New York Ladder Accident Attorney

At construction sites, ladder accidents are among the most common workplace injury causes and with the various types of ladders and the heights that are used at work sites, ensuring that the equipment functions correctly and the proper ladder type is used for the specific type of job is of the utmost importance. Learn More


New York Scaffold Accident Attorney

Scaffolding accidents in New York occur almost every year and usually involve construction workers and can result in serious or permanent injury or death. Hackett Law P.C. has represented construction workers that have been injured or their loved ones if a death has occurred. Learn More